Snow Day

Today was a snow day. For Fiona, it meant no school. For Kim, it meant working from home, as well as spending a some time digging out. For me, I went to work and it was a long day.

I spent about an hour digging out the car. While I was working on it, the plow came and clear the driveway so I could get out. The drive to work was fairly uneventful. There weren’t many cars on the road, so even though the roads were not as clear as they could be, traffic moved along briskly. I was fortunate in finding a good parking place when I got to work.

Part of my job, as social media manager is to setup a blog. The blog is not ready for a formal launch. There are still things that I’m tweaking. However, I’m getting a few good blog posts up.

With that, I’m pretty tired and don’t have a lot of writing energy right now. So, if you want to see my efforts with the CHC blog, check out this. Just be aware that it is still under construction. There are lots of things I need to fix or setup.

That said, if you have thoughts or comments about any of my recent blog posts over there, let me know.

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