Wordless Wednesday, Almost

It is snowing HARD here in Connecticut. 5 AM estimates are that we've gotten about 12 inches of snow already with the possibility of twice that by the time the storm ends. Governor Malloy has signed a Declaration of Civil Preparedness Emergency, ordering all non-essential state employees to report to work no earlier than noon. I've gotten a phone call letting me know that Fiona's school is closed. Yesterday at work, I received an email saying that even CHC, which almost never has a delay won't open until 9:45, and given the Governor's order even that might change. I plan on working from home as long as possible today, and perhaps turning on SnowCam or at least uploading some pictures later today.

So, that’s today’s weather here in Connecticut. We need to keep in mind, however, that we are not the only ones getting extreme weather. For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I share this video I found on Youtube of the Toowoomba flooding in Australia. It left me wordless.