Unfollow Friday @TwitCleaner http://who.unfollowed.me

Typically, people post Follow Friday messages of people that they are following and suggesting that other people follow them back. Today, I’m turning it on its head and posting Unfollow Friday. What’s this about?

Well, currently, I’m following around 2900 people on Twitter. That’s a lot of people. With that, I may not read as many tweets as closely as I should. If I pare down my list a little, I may get more useful information.

Looking a little more closely, when I started working on this blog post, I was following 2911 people. According to who.unfollowed.me, 958 of them are not following me. That leaves 1953 mutual follows. At the same time, there are 3184 people following me. Taking out the mutual followers, that leaves 1231 that I’m not following.

Many of the people that I follow that are not following me back make sense. Using The Twit Cleaner can help give a better understanding. Curiously enough, it reported 958 people that I follow are ‘potentially garbage’. These are not the same 958 people that I follow who are not following me, but there is some overlap.

Two followers were listed as very often having multiple at signs in their messages. 255 followers post nothing but links. 53 repeat the same URLs. 13 repeat the same message. 125 have other ‘dodgy behavior’ and haven’t posted recently. 222 haven’t posted anything in over a month. 48 Don’t interact much with others. 43 Don’t interact at all with others. 128 hardly follow anyone. 17 talk all the time. 52 post mostly retweets and 1 post mostly just quotes.

I don’t find people who post nothing but links all that annoying. I post a lot of links. Many of my posts come from Foursquare and Twitterfeed which both include links. Repeating same URL and the same message is also somewhat understandable. People who haven’t posted in a long time don’t take up space in my twitter stream and I don’t worry about it.

The biggest overlap between people that I follow who do not follow me back and one of the Twitclean categories is followers that hardly follow anyone. None of them follow me. Most are news sources, corporate publicity sites and celebrities.

So, I’ve slowly been cleaning out unfollowers and others who are less interesting. Hopefully, this will mean I catch more interesting tweets going forward.

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