Music Monday - David Silva

What I like best about David Silva is that he is a story teller. His song, Guitar's And Shady Ladies starts off

I wrote a song while watching a movie starring Marilyn Monroe
I wrote a poem with my feet in a river that flowed into Mexico
I wrote a tune once on an airplane, but I've forgotten how it goes
And there's a song in that bottle of whisky
And I'm going to find it if it takes all night

Well, it seems like he's spent many a night with that bottle of whisky, since he's found many great songs. Whether it be a song about an old girl friend that put garlic in her peanut butter or a song from the view of a battered wife,

Dinner's almost ready, I got your love songs playing too
I got the flowers that you sent, that was a loving thing to do
The pictures are all straightened; clean sheets are on the bed
As I close my eyes and think about the better times ahead
In just a couple minutes you'll be coming through the door
And it will all be perfect baby, please don't hit me any more

Yet in all of these songs of hard lives, there remains hope. His song Blessings captures it nicely:

Everybody on this world has had a hard life
A life that they begin and end alone
Everybody needs a friend, every now and then
Everybody has more blessings than they know

So David Silva continues singing his songs. His album Moorpark Oasis gets some airtime every now and then on WCNI and WWUH here in Connecticut. You can see his song September Bride on Youtube:

Returning back to his song Guitar's And Shady Ladies, he has this section:

And now I'm almost 51 and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
If I grow up
I'm not growing up
I'm singing this song for 26 years and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Well, I'm 51 now and some would question if I ever grew up or what I'll be if I do grow up. One thing is clear, I'll be a fan of David Silva. He writes some good music about good people in hard lives. We need to hear more voices like his.

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