Music Monday - Fingerstyle Guitar Playing American Walkabout

When I was twenty-three, I finished a computer consulting contract at Bell Laboratories, which at the time was known as the best paying graduate school in the nation, and hit the road. I spent four months hitchhiking around the States followed by four months hitchhiking around Europe. It was my own version of a walkabout, trying to trace my own songlines. Nearly three decades later, after good years on Wall Street and tough years on my own, I’m still trying to trace my own songlines. Hopefully, some of this comes through in my blog.

All of this comes to mind as I review the music of Kyle Offidani. In his submission to the Orient Lodge Music Review page on Sonicbids he wrote,

I am touring the U.S.A. this summer. I purchased a greyhound bus pass and I am traveling the country, performing now in California coffee houses...

I am a 22 year old acoustic fingerstyle guitar player. I travel all over the U.S.A. with my guitar, amplifier and a backpack with my few personal belongings. I work really hard practicing, performing, networking etc. and I never give up. I am very spiritual- not religious, but thoughtful of the world and of others. I strive to be a positive influence and a "helper" to other people. I believe music is a beautiful and healing gift to us.

Yeah, I can imagine my days on the road, stopping in at a coffee house and hearing someone like Kyle play, or perhaps sharing a bottle of cheap red wine with him at a youth hostel somewhere along the road.

Kyle’s fingerstyle guitar playing is really good, but instead of my trying to describe it, it is perhaps best to let Kyle and his music speak for itself.

Various stops on his summer trip include the Canadian Guitar Festival and the Overgrown Music & Arts Festival. Both look like really great events, but if you’re really lucky, perhaps you can find a small coffee house where Kyle is playing.

You know, there are a lot of things really messed up in this world right now and there are a lot of things that we should all be doing to help make this world a better place. One of those things just might include getting a few friends together to listen to a great emerging fingerstyle guitar player at an unknown coffee house somewhere on the road in this great land.

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