Music Monday – Harpeth Rising, Changed More Than I Know

Harpeth Rising is simply a joy to listen to. They were one of the first bands to submit their music to the Orient Lodge Music Review Page on SonicBids. I listened to their music and decided they were one of the bands that needed to be highlighted.

Perhaps the song that appeals to me most is their song, “Can’t Find the Revolution”. It talks about a woman who “used to be a she’s trapped inside a swivel chair”. The final line of the chorus is something like, “Can’t find the revolution, but I’m looking every day”. Another verse talks about a guy who

...used to be a poet and a minstrel by his trade
I strum along beside him when I could
Now he’s pushing the assembly line
and my strummin’ don’t do no good.

Another line that jumped out at me towards the end of the song was when the singer was told that she changed more than she knew.

Another song that particularly appealed to be was “Abraham”

Abraham Abraham
Where you goin' with that knife in your hand?
Why are we lost in this foreign land?
Where we goin now Abraham?

It made me think of the great work by Soren Kierkegaard, “Fear and Trembling” which presents another view of the great story of Abraham.

In looking at their website, I found a link to a very interesting music video that one of their fans had made:

I was glad to see that they we’re highlighting such a creative remix.

Their calendar lists them as having performed at the 8th Annual Niles Bluegrass Festival in Niles Michigan this last weekend. It sounds like it was a rainy weekend there and I hope they got a chance to perform. Over the coming days, they will be performing in Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Then in July, they head off for the United Kingdom. They recently did a tour of the Northeast and hopefully will be coming back soon.

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