Federated Google Wave Server Update

Today, I did continued testing on my Federated Google Wave server. As a starting point, I received an email with a test id for the WaveSandbox server. This is the server to test federation against and I was glad to be able to do some testing there.

I found that I was still having problems connecting to the sandbox server, and started reading my logs a lot more closely in search of clues. I tried a collection of different things to get the server to work. These included changing my certificate to being signed by CACert.org, adding signed certificates to my XMPP server, adding an SRV DNS record for my server, and ultimately, opening up ports 5269 and 5270 in my firewall. These steps are described in the wiki page about federation. It seems like the key was opening port 5269.

With that, I am now successfully discovering wave servers and sending messages back and forth with them. However, I have yet to successfully create a wave on one server and then add a user from another server and have the other user see the wave.

I did use the client-console to connect to another server and had a great discussion on the production wave server about ways of testing. To connect on Google Wave, do a search on “wave federation” to see the waves where we’ve been working on this.

It seems like a lot of people are having problems with signed certificates. In looking at various reports, it seems like it is if they are using a signed certificate from cacert.org and java-6-sun. I’m using a signed certificate from cacert.org, but I used java-6-opensdk and this seems to be working okay.

I also did have one crash when I attempted to connect to a wave server that does not yet have signed certificates. My configuration is looking for signed certificates.

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