Bring them home now, New Haven

Yesterday, Kim, Fiona and I attended the Bring Them Home Now Tour as it stopped in New Haven Connecticut. I was feeling a little ill and I rested as Fiona and Kim handed out leaflets about the Connecticut Progressive Democrats of America and Mayor DeStefano’s Gubernatorial campaign.

There were other groups there as well. Someone left a card for Connecticut Citizens for Sound Government on my windshield. They are a great group that registers voters and helps get out the vote.

We picked up some lawn signs from Clean Up Connecticut Now. I spoke for a little while with Maher Osseiran who writes for The Un Aol.

This morning, I see that Peace Garden has an entry up about the rally. He estimates that there were 1,000 people or more, but admits that he’s a terrible judge of crowd sizes.

The Day reports, “Police estimated between 300 and 400 people attended the event.” The New Haven Register put the crowd size at “about 800 antiwar protesters” and the Yale Daily News writes “The rally drew approximately 1,000 attendees, most of whom were area residents, with relatively few students in attendance.”

My guess is that the estimates in part reflect biases. If you support the demonstration your numbers are probably higher and if you didn’t they are probably lower. On top of that, the estimate probably reflects the time of the guess. The crowd might have been as small as 300 or 400 hundred at 3 PM when the rally started, but it probably swelled to over a thousand while Cindy Sheehan was speaking.

I took this picture around three. The crowd easily grew to three or four times as large by the time Cindy Sheehan spoke.

On the way home, we stopped at a rest area on the interstate. The Bring Them Home Now RV was waiting in line to get gas. We chatted with them a little, had our rest stop and went home.

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