The Patrick Scully and Joan Hartley Affair

Today, I received an instant message from a friend pointing out a rumor that appears to have been started by Patrick Scully. For those who do not know Patrick Scully, his website states

He recently consulted for the gubernatorial campaign of former Connecticut Speaker of the House James A. Amann as the campaign’s Director of Communications and Media.

Prior to starting Scully Communications, Patrick worked as a public relations specialist for the powerful Sullivan & LeShane firm in Hartford where he worked on accounts as diverse as the Connecticut Beverage Association, the Connecticut Recycling Coalition and the Catholic Archdiocese of Bridgeport.

My interlocutor noted that thanks to the Citizens’ Election Program, Sullivan and LeShane is not as powerful as they might used to be, despite the cheering on of the Green Party’s suit against the Citizens’ Election Program by many corporate lobbyists. Fortunately, the ban on corporate money that the Green Party’s suit also sought was not upheld by Judge Underhill.

The rumor is that one of Former Speaker Amann’s likely competitors for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of Connecticut is considering picking the much maligned State Sen. Joan Hartley of Waterbury as their running mate. This prompted questions about what sort of self-serving rumors Mr. Scully might be starting.

Indeed, other rumors might be just as fun. Is Patrick Scully having an affair with Joan Hartley? Is he receiving under the table advice former Governor and Waterbury native, John Rowland? What are you hearing for rumors?

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