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Last week, for my weekly FollowFriday blog post, which gets cross posted to Twitter, I highlighted people that I met with at the America’s Future Now conference in Washington, DC. Most of the people from last week were people that I got into discussions with. For me, that is an important part of Twitter. This week, I’ll highlight people that have something important to say that I don’t know as well and are less likely to get into a conversation with.

Starting off the list is @ericawilliamsdc, Erica Williams. She is the Deputy Director and Policy and Advocacy Manager at Campus Progress. She was one of the best speakers at the conference, a powerful authentic voice. She quoted Hemingway, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places”.

@SenSherrodBrown, United States Senator from Ohio also spoke at AFN and announced he would be on Twitter. So far, he hasn’t updated much. Perhaps he needs to take lessons from Sen. Claire McCaskill, @clairecmc or @senchrisdodd

If you aren’t following Lawrence Lessig, @lessig on Twitter, as well on his blog, in his books, and so on, you should be. Whether you are concerned with Creative Commons, the Remix culture, or Fair Elections. Prof. Lessig is a voice to listen to.

@daviddonnelly is the National Campaigns Director for the Public Campaign Action Fund, and if you like what Prof. Lessig has to say about clean elections, then you want to follow what Mr. Donnelly is doing to help bring them about.

@robertgreenwald is the founder of Brave New Films, @bravenewfilms They use new media and internet video campaigns to very effectively get their message out.

@mrdaveyd I first heard about Mr. Davey D at the National Conference on Media Reform in Memphis back in 2007. Van Jones commented that we need Davey D on the FCC and called him ‘a hip-hop historian of the first order’.

So, that’s my list for #followfriday on June