More about QR Codes

Now that I’ve gotten my cellphone to successfully process QR Codes, I figured it was time to start exploring a little bit more what I could do with QR Codes. An obvious example is putting your QR Code on the back of your business card. However, if you are going to do that, why not find other interesting places to put QR Codes.

One site focused on making removable bar code tattoos. What I was thinking would be better would be if a person could go to a website, design a QR Code and then have it printed on a shirt, or something like that.

Sure enough, someone else has already thought of that and actually, executed it nicely. allows people to create a wide array of QR codes and buy them on a collection of interesting objects.

They provide three different categories of QR Codes. The first is Classic QR Codes. These include URLs, phone numbers, vCards and plain text. For social network enthusiasts they provide ‘Social Codes’. You select a social network, enter your id on the network, and the provide a QR code for the URL pointing to your id. They also provide a bunch of other specialized codes, but they didn’t do much for me.

When you have your QR Code designed, you can add some text to appear around it or take one of their layouts and then buy a shirt, cap, tote bag, bumper sticker, or other items with the QR Code printed on it.

I created a vCard QR code which I displayed on my computer. When I took scanned it with my cellphone, the phone took me to a webpage of my vCard. It provided an option to download the card, and I downloaded the card into my address book on my cellphone. It worked very nicely.

As I thought more about it, I thought about how QR Codes might be a nice addition to the old Yellow Arrow art project. I also wondered if I could create a QR code to send a message to Twitter.

This code sent the message “Testing QR Codes and Twitter”. Since my phone number is associated with a Twitter account, it came up nicely. Add in some hashtags, and you could have some real fun.

The United State lags in the use of QR Codes, but with a little work, I think we could do some really interesting things with it.

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