Followup: The OpenSim 'lawsuit'

After The Great OpenSim April Fool's Prank, one person would not let go. They wrote:

I spent all of yesterday with the FBI and my lawyers to make sure that the criminals responsible will be hunted down, convicted, sent to prison and that they will pay for the financial damages they inflicted.

One person responded saying that they hoped the person was joking and the person replied:

I asure you this is not a "joke". We are absolutely deadly serious. We will prosecute this criminal act of malicious code to the fullest extent of Federal, National, and International law.

Putting on my investigative reporter hat, I contacted the person for information about the lawyer he had spoken with. The person responded naming the lawyer and the law firm, so I contacted the lawyer.

The lawyer responded "I have not been contacted by anyone about this matter."

Meanwhile, the OpenSim mailing lists have moved onto interesting and productive discussions and the person threatening the lawsuit has disappeared.

Again, my interest in this is the big picture. We need to call out trolls, and when we get a chance, we need to push back when they make false statements in a public forum.

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