Building A Social Network Contact Management System

As my number of followers on Twitter approach 2000, Friends on Facebook approach 1,000 and the number of social networking sites I’m on approach 100, I need to find a better way to manage my networks and my contacts within these networks. I can’t find a good tool, so perhaps I need to build it myself.

Let me start off by describing what I am looking for. I would like a nice, easy to use tool that would list all of my contacts along with what networks they are in. As an example, many of my followers on Twitter are also friends on Facebook. My contacts on DandyID, overlap on an average of thirty social networks each.

DandyID comes the closest to the first part of what I would like my Social Network Contact Management system to do. However, it is still in its early stages and the only people I know there are the experimenters. I would like something that includes everyone from all my networks. In addition, while it does provide an API, it doesn’t provide easy tools to act upon the information. As an example, I’d love to be able to pick any social network and find out which of my overall contacts are on that specific social network that have not yet connected with. MyBlogLog also provides a very nice cross reference list of different social networks my contacts are in, which I can retrieve in a FOAF file, and several other sites provide similar information.

Yet this only gets to the first half of what I would like my social network contact management system to do. The next part is to keep track of my contacts. Part of this would include the sort of social network aggregation that a site like FriendFeed does.

I would like to be able to see all of the content that my contacts have recently put up. Ideally, it would combine duplicates. For example, I use sites like, HelloTxt, and Posterous to send the same message to multiple sites. Also, some sites have the ability to feed or pull posts between their network and other networks. When you put all of this together it can get pretty complicated, as seen in the Social Media Map that I created last summer.

Yet more importantly, I want to know when I’ve actually contacted someone in my online social media meta network. When did I last sent them a tweet, retweet something they wrote, write on their Facebook wall, send them a message or give them a call? Whom haven’t I contacted recently that I really should contact? Do I have other notes about them that are important? Who are their friends and relatives online? When are their birthdays? How do they fit into whatever my goals are in using social networks?

To push it even more, I would like to add information such as whether I’ve visited or commented on their blog recently, or whether they’ve shown up on my blog, as noted by tools like dropping EntreCards, or showing up in recent readers lists like those provided by MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog.

Some of this is the standard sort of things that a good customer relationship management system does. I briefly looked at CiviCRM

What do you think? Are you looking for a tool something like this? Are there other things that I should consider? Are there tools out there that come close to this? Feedback is greatly appreciated. I’ve already come up with some initial design ideas which I will share later, perhaps incorporating some of the feedback I get.