Quick comments

There has been so much going on in my life recently that I really haven’t gotten good opportunities to write about it. Today, as the second quarter ends, I’m making a little time to catch up on things.

This week Kim and I attended the funeral for Joe Lieberman’s mother Marcia. It was a very touching tribute to a wonderful woman. There isn’t much more that can be said, other than we should all live our lives in such a way as Marcia did.

I also drove Miranda off to summer camp. She is studying the Biology of the Senses at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Today she will perform her first brain surgery, dissecting a sheep’s brain. I spoke with her last night and she is very excited about it.

As the last day of the quarter, it is a big day for all kinds of financial transactions. We just refinanced a line of credit on our house. At the DeStefano campaign, like other campaigns across the country, we are doing a big push to bring in as much as we can for second quarter donors. Everyone is swamped, but things are going well.

As a final note about being swamped, I am down to just over 300 unread emails, some dating back as far as June 8th. I actually feel pretty good about it, because that is about as caught up as I’ve been in a long time. I’m heading off to Cape Cod for the weekend, so I expect the number will sky rocket soon enough.

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