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Recently, WTIC cancelled Colin McEnroe’s radio show. There has been lots of discussion about this online. Stan Simpson writes what he thinks is The Real Story Behind The Purging At WTIC AM Radio : “The ousting of Colin McEnroe and Diane Smith was NOT about improving programming. It was about dumping salaries.”

John Dankosky of Connecticut Public Radio talks about some goodbyes, and notes that “responses, taken from Courant blogs, suggest more listeners might tune our way”. Christine Stuart posts about WTIC Layoffs Have One Sponsor Questioning His Support, and the Facebook group, Bring Back Colin McEnroe now has over 300 members.

Perhaps it is all about the money, the salaries, advertisers and listeners. So, what does Mr. McEnroe have to say about it? In his blog at the Courant, he writes, “I can also tell you that your energies would probably be better used contacting public radio and telling them you'd support a show like mine through memberships and donations”

So, if you want to fill out a petition to bring back Colin McEnroe, please use this form. Please enter a numeric value in the field “Contribution Amount” representing how strongly you feel about it, along with an explanation that it is showing your support for Colin McEnroe’s show in the comment section.

If you want to bring back Colin McEnroe, do it right!

Update Jan 8
Andy Thibault over at Cool Justice Report has a report about WNPR, aka Connecticut Public Radio, reaching out to Colin.

It includes this quote from Kim Grehn, VP/Station Manager - WNPR

...WNPR is exploring the possibility of bringing Colin McEnroe to WNPR and creating a program around his talents. It would be premature to suppose that he will be on WNPR. We have yet to discuss anything with Mr. McEnroe, but we have contacted him and expressed our initial interest.

Colin McEnroe is scheduled to be on Where We Live February 2nd at 9a to talk about the state of Talk Radio in Connecticut.

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