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(Note: I don't usually go for political gossip, and I'm not Wonkette, nor is this as juicy, but there is a bunch of political gossip going around that I thought should be shared.)

Last night, the Torrington DFA Meetup had various candidates speaking about their campaigns. Mayor DeStefano was there and in my role as BlogMaster for the DeStefano campaign I attended. However, the interesting parts of the Meetup weren’t Mayor DeStefano's stump speech. Sure, many people spoke with me afterwards saying, "He’s good." Instead, the political gossip was what captured a lot of people's attention.

Gossip around Senator Lieberman was of high interest. Ken Dagliere has been Senator Lieberman's Director of Community Affairs for many years. Several months ago it was said that he was going to leave Lieberman’s staff to enter seminary to become a priest. This was supposed to take affect June 1st.

Ken describes himself as the poster child for 'Momma's Boys' and the word is that his mother passed away on Sunday. I have searched around for corroborating evidence online, but I can't find it. My thoughts are with Ken and his family.

My own mother is getting up there in years and is not in the best of health, and while I'm not a Momma's Boy the way Ken is, I understand all to well the concern for an aging mother. People have also been asking me if I've heard anything more about Senator Lieberman's mother. She is also up there in years and not in the best of health. I haven't heard anything on that front for some time.

At the Meetup were two people listed as running for U.S. Senate. The first was Dr. John Orman, political science professor at Fairfield University. No news or good gossip there. The second was Mitch Fuchs, chair of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee. He made it very clear that he had not announced his candidacy, would not announce it at the Meetup and was struggling deeply with whether or not to enter the fray.

I've known Mitch for a while and he is a good guy. Honest, authentic and passionate. He understands how difficult it is to run for office, especially against an incumbent with high approval ratings. He recognizes it will take something special to unseat Senator Lieberman, but he is also passionate about how Senator Lieberman has failed Connecticut residents in standing up against the abuse of power rampant amongst the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

With two good challengers to Lieberman in the wing, gossip turned to Dick Blumenthal. There are a lot of people that would like to see Blumenthal run for Senate, but many question whether he has the courage to make such a bid. Last week there had been rumors that Blumenthal would announce his candidacy by Labor Day. The rumor I had heard in Chester, and again repeated in Torrington is that Dick will announce his candidacy at the end of the General Assembly session on June 8th or the day after. The expectation is that he will decide to run for Governor instead of Senator. People have already started talking about how Blumenthal's indecisiveness is not good for Democrats.

On the other side of the isle, news about former State Treasurer Chris Burnham leaving his position at the State Department to be undersecretary-general for management at the United Nations has been kicked around in terms of Chris wanting to get back involved in Connecticut politics. Perhaps he will get to serve with John Bolton, unless we see Lieberman wake up and grow a backbone.

Enough political gossip for today.

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