*I* am a new medium

(Originally published on my MovableType blog and moved here for consolidation)

Over on NetTime, there is a discussion about what exactly 'New Media' really is. As they argue round and round about this, I figured I would make a fun assertion.

I am a new medium.

or, in MOOCode

NewMedia = {@NewMedia, me};

I don't really know what this means, but I think some interesting copyright issues apply. In terms of DNA based media, there are currently three derivative works. They production of these derivative works was permitted by me. No other DNA based derivative works may be produced without my explicit consent. More importantly, my wife would need to consent, and she wishes to reserve the right of any and all future DNA based derivative works.

The one exception to this, of course, is that the derivative works have the right to create derivative works of their own, but hopefully they will wait quite a few years before executing that right.

But, since this comes out of an arguement of what New Media is, perhaps the question of what I is also needs to be addressed, or if I wish to really explore the issues of derivative works, al a a previous president, we might have to ponder what the meaning of is is.

That said, to the extent that I can be considered not only my DNA based production, but also words that I have written and posted here, then the Creative Commons license applies.

All of that said, this just seems to befuddle my own thinking about who I am and what New Media is.

Maybe I should enclude some links to pictures or videos....

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