A Moment in History

I remember about seven years ago my wife gave me a call from the obstetrician’s office. She was due in about three or four weeks. As she was arranging her next checkup, she looked up at the television in the doctor’s office and saw a plane fly into the World Trade Centers.

That afternoon, I sat down with my two older daughters. One was eleven the other was eight. I told them that something very bad had happened. I told them that this was a day which people would look back to, the way people look back to when JFK was shot. Where were you when…

Where were you when Martin Luther King proclaimed his dream? Where were you when a man first set foot on the moon?

There are rare times in our lives that we participate in a moment in history. Fiona, who was born a few weeks after September 11th wants to stay up this evening, and I will have a similar discussion with her, as I did with her older sister seven years ago, about the historical significance of the day.

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