Recreational Hacking: xmpp OAuth OpenID OpenSim and Drupal

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing some programs to interface a financial model written in Matlab with a Microsoft SQL database. It has been interesting work, and there are lots of interesting things yet to be done with that. However, during this, my unread emails have piled up and the list of new technology to explore has been expanding rapidly. So, with any luck, I’ll spend a bit of today doing some recreational hacking.

At the top of my list is Identica is running, an open source microblogging system based on a lot of cool standards like XMPP, Oauth, and OpenSim. I set up my account yesterday, and have started trying to see if I can get a server running on my Linux box today.

So, why do I care about Edd Dumbill has written a very good post about Why is important. So, my first comment, is “yeah, what Edd said.” Dan York also wrote about it, The real meaning - and power - of (a.k.a. open source Twitter) and pointed to Dave Winer’s excitement about and Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post.

So, let me add a few additional thoughts. As Edd notes, it is still version 0.4.1, so don’t expect it to have as much functionality or reliability as even Twitter or Plurk. On the other hand, if open source developers go wild with it, expect it to leave Twitter and Plurk in the dust.

To me, there are is a very interesting parallel between Second Life and OpenSim and Twitter and The new open source version is getting kicked around and has great potential. For that matter, OpenSim and are both kicking around using XMPP as part of their interaction. Hmm. OpenSim and integration. That could be cool. As an aside, I have been getting emails about connecting old MOOs to Twitter, but that’s a different subject.

So, I’ve started installing on my Linux box. I’ve hit a few snags. It needs a Validate.php file, which I can’t find. I know that Evan is swamped, so maybe I’ll bug him later. also uses OpenID. I’ve been running OpenID for Drupal on my blog for a while. It hasn’t been too reliable, but I’m running an old version of Drupal. Between the desire for a more robust OpenID for Drupal, the desire to add Disque to Drupal and a bunch of other things, it is probably time to upgrade Orient Lodge to a newer version of Drupal. Maybe I’ll tackle that.

One thing that is still coming in Drupal is support for OAuth. uses OAuth. Hmm. At some point, I want to tie my Drupal sites to my OpenSim sites and my sites. That ought to be fun.

Meanwhile, also on my technology play list is and SecondBrain.

So, I’ll complete a few tasks around the house, check to see if is stable after the latest upgrade and then start a fun day of recreational hacking.