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A year ago, my eldest daughter worked as a volunteer on Dan Malloy's gubernatorial campaign. It was part of a school project where she was supposed to get real world experience. Mayor Malloy is a good person whom I think would make a great governor.

During my wife's campaign, we often ran into Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz. Some people have warned us against her brashness while others have suggested it is exactly this what is needed to win back the Governor office. Kim and I have gotten along well with Ms. Bysiewicz and I believe she would be a great governor as well.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting to see is Chris Dodd or Richard Blumenthal will throw their hats in the ring. Kim and I have also run into them on the campaign trail and have a lot of respect for them.

However, many of the people whom I respect politically are very excited about Mayor John DeStefano's campaign. Several have suggested that I talk with the Major, and so the other day, I drove up to New Haven to talk with him. On the way up, I was passed by a car with license plate 6; Dick Blumenthal on his way up to Hartford.

Mayor DeStefano and I had a great talk. He talked about the importance of getting ordinary people more involved in the political dialog again, not only as part of the electoral process, but also as part of the governance process. He talked about how the Internet is changing ideas about community and locality. More and more, people are identifying themselves in terms of their communities of interest rather than their geographic communities. They are connecting and expressing themselves online.

We talked about issues; education, health care, encouraging economic development through improving infrastructures such as transportation and communications.

The underlying issue, however, was if I would be willing to become DeStefano's blogmaster. I asked him if he was committed to keeping a blog if he was elected. This wasn't a question about what my opportunities might be if he gets elected. It was a question about his commitment to enabling online communities in the governance process. I liked all of his answers.

My final question was if he had read my blog. Again, the question wasn't about if he liked my writing style or my thoughts. I was curious about if he had read some of my writings and had shaped his comments to fit with my own thinking. He said he hadn't read my blog, but his campaign manager said that she had.

A while ago I was asked why I thought so many people flocked to Gov. Dean's presidential campaign. Was it his anti-war position? Was it his use of the Internet? I responded about how my wife and I had recently started watching the West Wing. We've been viewing the old episodes on DVD. I related how one of Bartlett's staffers joined the campaign after seeing him in New Hampshire and recognizing his authenticity, or as he said on the show, that Bartlett was 'the real thing'. In think a lot of people responded to Gov. Dean for similar reasons. I hope that a lot of people responded to my wife for similar reasons.

In my mind, I put DeStefano in the same category. So, today, I have posted my first blog entry as Blogmaster for the DeStefano campaign.

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