Getting centrists to sound more progressive

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Yesterday, I wrote a blog entry comparing The Scream to The Kiss. The timing was opportune. Last Wednesday, Joe Lieberman spoke to the Democratic State Central Committee in Hartford. Friday, my wife and I had coffee with the Senator and on Sunday, the Senator gave my wife a kiss, reminiscent of the kiss the Senator received from President Bush.

Since putting up my blog entry, I’ve gotten comments, emails, and phone calls from people all over the political spectrum. Several people have pointed me to the article in the Journal Inquirer, which asks, “Is U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman getting a bad rap”?

The article analyzes Sen. Lieberman’s voting record, and finds that he isn’t really all that different from many other Democratic Senators. So, why are people so interested in taking down Joe? Perhaps the quote from Keith Crane sums it up best.

"His record is probably no better or worse than anyone else; it probably matches Dodd's 80 or 90 percent of the time," he acknowledged. "But you don't see Dodd on Fox News bashing the Dems."

Myrna Watanabe, who was also quoted in the article, commented to me in a personal email, “Immediately, I see the problem is not that he has voted with the Reps. on important issues, he has accepted how they frame the argument. He talks about needing to "fix" Social Security, when it isn't broken, etc. He needs some vocabulary training, if he's to survive with our blessings.”

I think Myrna and Keith are on the right track with this, and it should be reformulated to be a more general question: How do we get centrists to think more progressively and use more progressive language?

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Getting centrists to sound more progressive

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Getting centrists to sound more progressive