Martin Luther King, Jr Day 2008

This morning, Kim, Fiona and I went up to a Martin Luther King, Jr. day breakfast in Hartford sponsored by The Collins Foundation. The breakfast was a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life as well as an opportunity for people to continue on Dr. King’s legacy. Money raised from the breakfast went to provide scholarships for worthy young men and women from Hartford and Bridgeport.

Many political notables attended the event to hear Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and Congressman John Larson address the gathering. As the speeches went on, Fiona found a quiet corner to play in, during which time, she managed to lose another tooth.

Colin McEnroe was there as well. I’m not sure if it stimulated the curmudgeon in him, but today he posted this Not Nice MLK Day Thought. He asks, “Is there a worse place in America at nurturing black political talent than Connecticut?” I’ll carefully duck that question and simply note that the scholarships offered by the Collins Foundation as well as the efforts to get students from UConn Law School to mentor some of the recipients gives me hope that perhaps things are changing in Connecticut.

I look forward to see what next year’s Martin Luther Kind Jr, Day breakfast is like to get a better gauge on the progress.

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