Second Life Trading Predictions

Okay, all of you Second Life traders out there, who wants to make any predictions about trading in Second Life for 2008? I have two types of predictions. First, big picture predictions, how many exchanges will there be in Second Life at the end of 2008? Will any major corporations step into the fray? How many IPOs will there be? How many companies will fail? Will brokerage emerge? Trading in futures, options, commodities, indices, other types of securities? What else is likely to emerge? Add your comments below, or send me an email with your predictions.

Then, for the more serious Second Life trader, I’m putting up a list of current companies on the SlCapex, ACE, and VSTEX exchanges. These are the exchanges that have good data feeds to run analysis on. I’m posting the support level, resistance level, as well as the bid, ask and last as of creating my spreadsheet. There are two columns at the end of it. One is to predict the share price at the end of 2008 and the other is to put in the predicted average monthly dividend. It is a comma delimited file that can easily be loaded into Excel or other spreadsheets. Down the file, add your projections in the final two columns and email your predictions to me at aldon dot hynes at orient dash lodge dot com.

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