The politics of language

So, everyone has been facebooking me w00t! about the Merriam Webster’s word of the year. If I weren’t so apathetic, I would try to write a blog post using all ten words. (I got three already).

However, as I read through the words I was saddened. Other than ‘facebook’ and ‘w00t!’, these words are all ladened with negativity. I found myself in conundrum about what seems to me a quixotic quest to write a blog post using all these without starting a blamestorming session. (Three more of the words).

Perhaps it gets to the politics of words, or at least how our language is reflecting our views of politicians. Are they Pecksniffian hypocrites? Are they charlatan masters of sardoodledom?

No wonder we are so apathetic. Only the first two words give us anything to facebook w00t! about.

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