Random Links

Fiona has been home from school today due to the snow. Kim has been in bed all day due to a bug going around, so it has been a low-key sort of day for me. I finally got around to working on upgrading some sites to Drupal 5.5 today, and, for the first time in about half a year, the number of unread emails in my inbox has dropped to zero. I still have nearly 400 emails flagged for follow up, but that’s another story.

So, to follow up on a few of them, let me link a few different sites worth noting. Somewhere, I stumbled across yet another social network for Second Life users, SLBuddy. So far, it is not compelling.

Ben Smilowitz let me know about the new Disaster Accountability Blog. I’m a big fan of the Disaster Accountability Project, and I’m glad to see they now have a blog.

The GoodNews Network recently pointed to an article in the British Daily Mail about a Bottom-ranked school that shot to top after introducing Harry Potter-themed curriculum. The GoodNews Network often has links to interesting stories and deserves a shoot out of its own. The article about the school is especially interesting for people concerned about why kids don’t read, (They don’t? Harry Potter sales would seem to indicate otherwise), and culturally relevant curricula. The article deserves a post of its own.

There were some other links I wanted to highlight, but they are lost in the shuffle right now. So, back to all the other stuff.

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