The Gates

Today, Kim, Miranda, Fiona and I went into New York City to see 'The Gates'. Because of this, I'm now over 400 emails behind, and way behind on my reading for Online Social Networks 2005.

On the one hand, seeing The Gates with a three year old is a trial. It is a lot of work walking through Central Park on a cold day just to look at some pieces of metal with some bright orange cloth hanging from them.

On the other hand, it is a unique experience that should not be missed. As we drove down we talked about issues like, "Is it right to spend however much money was spent on The Gates when people are starving?" and "Is it art? What is art anway?"

As we were there, we saw a park full of people who had come out to experience The Gates. I talked with Miranda about what it would be like to recreate The Gates in a three dimensional avatar based virtual reality like Runescape or Second Life.

You can see pictures of our experience on Flickr. You can see a satellite view here.

Is it worth it? Is it art? Well, I guess that it up to each of us to decide. For me, I am very glad I went to see it and I hope as many people see it as possible.

Did you see it? What do you think?

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The Gates