John Edwards: It’s Thanksgiving in America

I must have Ronald Reagan on the brain recently. When I wrote about Elizabeth Edwards meeting with Bloggers in New Hampshire, I borrowed his line “Tear down this wall.” This post borrows from Ronald Reagan’s famous advertisement, “It’s morning in America”.

While I strongly disliked Ronald Reagan for many of his policies, I did admire his ability to communicate, and I’ve longed for better communicators and communications on the current political landscape.

Four years ago, we sent out Holiday Cards with a picture of Governor Dean, holding our daughter Fiona, who was about two years old at the time. Our greeting said

In this Holiday season, Let us all work together to help Hope, Joy, and Prosperity
Triumph over Fear and Oppression.

I love the politics of hope. It is what has made America strong. It is what Reagan touched on in his famous “Morning in American” advertisement. It is something Barack Obama symbolizes for many of my friends, and I love the “Got Hope?” bumpersticker.

Today, I got an email about the new John Edwards Thanksgiving advertisement that is going up. It captures the hope and the American Spirit better than any advertisement I’ve seen in a long time. Please, stop by and check it out at Even if you are supporting a different Democrat right now, stop by and watch the ad. It captures what is so important to me about being a Democrat and being an American.

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In the comment section, someone suggested that there was 'Two Thanksgivings' I responded to that as follows:

I really don't know Thanksgiving, at all

Because there are many "Two Thanksgivings"

There is the Thankgiving of the settlers and yet there are Americans that were here when those undocumented immigrants arrive, who might not be as thankful.

There is the Thanksgriving of large family gatherings, yet sometimes families can be dysfunctional and the the gatherings can be painful. Some people have no family to gather with.

There is the Thanksgiving of the rich family with a turkey with all the dressings, and then there is the Thanksgiving of the family who received a turkey from a food pantry, and those who have no turkey at all.

Yet perhaps that takes me back on message. I love Joni Mitchell's song, "Both Sides Now". I guess I've looked at Thanksgiving from both sides now, and still it's Thanksgiving's illusions I recall.

Yes, it would be better if we didn't have to gather together food to bring to the food pantries, if there wasn't hunger and poverty in America, but there is.

And, there are people who work together to fight hunger and poverty. Sometimes, they only do it on Thanksgiving when they've been cajoled by some organization, but Americans rise to their best nature in helping out one another around Thanksgiving, so it is Thanksgiving's Illusions I recall.

I really don't know Thanksgiving, at all.

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