Writing updates

Saturday. We've driven up to New Hampshire. I have a blogging assignment tomorrow. If everything works out as planned, I'll be gathering with a bunch of bloggers to interview Elizabeth Edwards tomorrow morning. I'm very excited about speaking with her. However, I'm also chomping at the bit to finish my novel. I have 4,763 words to go. This morning, we got off to a late start because I was in the middle of an exciting section. I haven't slept well recently. I toss and turn in bed as the characters act out their scenes for me. I slept a little in the car on the ride up, but I'm still pretty tired. Before I drifted off, I listened to a story on NPR. They were interviewing an author and writing professor. He talked about how writing a novel just takes over your life. I've managed to keep other parts of my life in a little bit of balance as I've written through my novel, yet it has been consuming. Soon, I'll be done with the write through and the editing will begin. I expect that will be even more challenging.

Meanwhile, I get feedback from friends. I get a chance here and there to put up blog posts, and while I'm not officially doing National Blog Posting Month at the same time as I do National Novel Writing Month, but so far I'm getting at least one blog post up each day. I was dubious about getting a post up today. It may not be as compelling as some of my other posts, but at least I'm managing get a post up.

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