Second Life Trading on 9/16

Yesterday, on the Second Life Capital Exchange (SlCapEx) forums, Kailen Juran asked if anyone knew why Second Life Media Specialties (SLMS)’s “land in Soul has been repossessed by BCX Bank”. A representative from BCX bank simply noted that they had fallen behind in their payments, but would not speculate why.

Dezmond Martinek, who has been trading out of SLMS into Zhenya Zoning Real Estate Co (ZEN) commented on the thread about being glad to be out of the stock. He is now longer listed as a major holder of SLMS, and his position in ZEN has climbed by another 76,000 shares.

SLMS shares hit a low of .53 before trading was halted. Allenvest Investment Capital (AIG) trading is also halted after it hit new lows. There has been no communications from the head of the firm, and there are many investors that are complaining. It is worth noting that Investor Allen of AIG also has major holdings in Karlfeldt & Delgado Capital (KDC) and SL Capex (SLCX), so these firms bear close watching. It is worth noting, however, that Kailen Juran has been expanding his position in KDC and Sando Haller has picked up another half million shares of SLCX

KDC issued their weekly update yesterday, which included that they held 8,752 shares of SLMS. It is a small position compared to their other positions, but it is worth noting.

Dragon Global Diversified (DGD)’s financial report on f August 19th reported holdings of 1000 shares of AIG, nearly 10,000 shares of BNT and 2250 shares of SLMS. It is not clear if they have changed their positions in any of those since last month, but the value of what they were holding on SlCapExAug on the 19th has dropped by about 15%. That said, DGD stock is trading at less than half it was on the 19th, so the losses may well already be factored in.

In other news, SL Tronics Media (SLTM) announced that it is for sale. Average trade price was down 17% on the day, but it stayed well within its highly volatile range.

Yesterday, BNT announced stock bonuses and reorganizing its staff. Nicholas Portocarrero continues to sell off BNT stock, but the stock remains steady.

Things are pretty messy as well over on the Virtual Stock Exchange. Their index has dropped from 654 on the 9th to 293 on the 13th, where it has bounced along since. VSTEX announced that “Jasper Tizzy is leaving Second Life and is selling out him business.” They halted trading on AVC, CGI, and KFM. They only had few stocks listed, so that is nearly half of their business.

It will be interesting to see what sort of ripple effect this has over at the World Stock Exchange. It was fairly quite there, but Spontaneous Rich Investments, Inc. (SRI) released their weekly holdings report. The report included holdings of 100,000 shares of CGI, 10,000 of AVC and 100 of KFM. SRI is in the midst of a secondary offering, so trading there is currently halted.

With all of this, I am wondering if the various SL markets are in need of some workout specialists.

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