Random Stuff

Life continues to be hectic as Fiona starts school, as we try to settle into our new house, as I continue to search for a job, as I do research for blog posts on the Doninger case, as well as for other posts that I hope to write soon.

Aug 013, originally uploaded by Aldon.

When Fiona signed the Parent/Legal Guardian Permissions 2007-2008 form, there was a section acknowledging that Fiona was aware of the rules from the BRS Handbook, which Fiona needed to sign. Because of similar such material being exhibits in the Doninger case, I thought I would scan it in for our records, and post it on Flickr. (Click on the link above).

As Fiona got on the bus, the loyal watchcat made sure everything was fine.

Also, I heard from Beth Kanter, who is in Cambodia right now for the Bloggers’ Summit. She post an entry about he First Video Cambodian Video Blogger in Cambodia. Please, check it out, and welcome Virak.