Con Hogan Award Luncheon

This afternoon at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual meeting in Boston, the Connecticut Joint Appropriations Committed and the State Office of Policy and Management are receiving the first Con Hogan Award. Con Hogan is former Secretary of the Vermont Agency for Human Services.

Connecticut is being recognized for “their achievements in considering how state spending affects key outcomes for Connecticut families and the environment.” The buzzword of the day is “results based accountability”.

Speakers include Sen. Bob Duff, Sen. Toni Harp, Rep Denise Merrill, Rep. Diana Urban, Robert Genuario from the Office of Policy and Management and Susan Shimelman, from the Office of Fiscal Analysis.

Numerous other notables from Connecticut are here include Rep Steve Fontana, Rep Tom Reynolds, Rep. Peter Williams, Rep. John Geragosian, and Rep. Jason Bartlett. Members of AFT are here as well as former Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopf.

Jack Tweedle starts off by commenting about wanting to get other people to know about what is going on in Connecticut and other states doing “results based accountability”.

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