MEME-O-RAMA: Why Do I Blog?

Yesterday on MyBlogLog, I received a message from Rod tagging me in the MEME-O-RAMA: Why Do I Blog?.

I touched on this a little bit back in May, 2005. Back then, I had recently taken a job as BlogMaster for John DeStefano’s Gubernatorial bid in Connecticut. So, part of my answer was then, I get paid for it. I do not currently have any paid blogging gigs, but I don’t rule out other paid gigs in the future.

Related to that, there is political expression. I have political viewpoints that I want to communicate. This ties into the old discussion about whether bloggers are journalists, advocates, Group psychotherapists, diarists, or something else.

For me, I take on all these roles from one point to another, except maybe that of group psychotherapists. Depending on the role being taken on, different codes of ethics apply, but I’ve been thinking more and more about a proactive code of ethics based on ideas from psychological first aid.

I guess this gets to an underlying theme, the desire to help people around me, to bring healing and comfort, whether it be through better journalism, advocacy, or just taking about stuff, sort of like bringing donuts to a person that grieves.

The other thing that I want to bring up, which I’ve brought up in other discussions about blogging is that blogging, at least for the most part, for me, is about writing. I always wanted to be a writer. After college, I came to New York to be a poet. I supported myself working with computers, and perhaps things haven’t really changed all that much over the years.

I remember one great writer telling me that the a difference between a hack and a great writer is that great writers write, not for some other reason, desire to be famous, wanting to get a message out, etc., but because they must.

While I don’t consider myself a great writer or a great blogger, I do believe that the unexplained urgent need to write is a key to great writing, great blogging, and is even, perhaps, the best explanation of why I blog.

Following the form of the MEME-O-RAMA: Why Do I Blog?, let me tag five other people.

By exploring MyBlogLog, I’ve found some old friends and some new friends, whose writing I like, and whom I would love to hear why they blog.

Laura Marie and I have swapped comments back and forth on our blogs, and I would like to hear why she blogs. (I went to check her blog, but it wasn’t responding, so I don’t know if she has recently written on this subject).

Camille Crawford and I have also swapped comments back and forth, so I’ll add her to the list. She’s been tagged with other meme’s but I haven’t seen her tagged with this one recently.

Jayapurrs has written some great blog posts, especially with the help of Rexie, and I would love to hear what drives her and Rexie.

On the surface it seems clear why Jafabrit blogs. It is about her art. Yet this brings us to a bigger question, what is it that drives Jafabrit’s art?

To round out the group, I want to tag Mamacita at Weekly Scheiss. I stumbled across her blog using BlogExplosion a couple years back and have recently run into her again through MyBlogLog. I like her writing and I’d love to hear her comments about why she blogs.

I guess that touches upon another aspect of why blogging is important to me. It is about community. It is about, to use one of those newly overused phrases, Social Media. We need to be more social in our interactions with media and I appreciate the views of new people that I’ve met online.

So, why do you blog?

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