A coherent vision

(The following is a comment I posted DailyKos, in response to Jeffrey Feldman's post.)

Jeffrey, thank you for your summary of the different viewpoints. I think it illustrates some aspects of a coherent Democratic vision that is too easy to lose during a primary.

In many ways, Edwards ties together all the other positions.

"We can see in this statement that Edwards is presenting his vision that I would call "action now," "

It ties into the greater theme of “limits of Presidential authority”.

I think it is clear that we need to act now, and not wait until 2009. I think it is clear that we need to fight back against the Republican abuse of power emanating from the Whitehouse and restore limits on Presidential authority.

Clinton and Obama are both talking about diplomacy. Yet that diplomacy can only come about if we limit Presidential authority and help our diplomats and our country as a whole, return to being of, for and by the people.

Biden and Richardson both went a little further into their views of where this diplomacy ought to lead us, but it is still dependent upon an “action now” vision, and limiting Presidential authority.

Chris Dodd moved this even forward by talking about the need for energy independence. This energy independence is a key enabler for our diplomats to be able to negotiate effectively. It is a great example of why we need Sen. Edwards "action now" vision. We will not achieve energy independence (IMHO), unless we all start acting together, now.

And then, there is Rep. Kucinich. He presented the ideal vision of world peace. I pray that some day we will get there. Yet as the old saying go, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and Sen. Edwards, with his "action now" vision is talking about how we can take the first step.

I think the MoveOn TownHall was great, and it illustrates a coherent vision for all the Democrats and particularly illustrates how an “act now” vision is the cornerstone of it all, acting now by participating in MoveOn’s TownHall, acting now by working towards energy independence, acting now to find diplomatic solutions and acting now to move towards a vision of world peace.

As always, this is merely my two-cent analysis, humble opinion, and all that stuff.

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