Faggots for Edwards

Okay, I’ve been busy with some other things recently, so I’m a little late in joining the discussion about Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot. That said, let me propose that we form a group, Faggots for Edwards. In the purest sense, I probably shouldn’t be part of this group. I’m a happily married heterosexual. However, I called a faggot back when I was in junior high school, so I could probably have some sort of honorary membership.

I would propose that we open up the membership to include anyone else who has been called other words like nigger, spic, kike, slut, fattie, geek, dweeb, towelhead or so on. Anyone who does not match airbrushed media image of the perfect American should be invited and encouraged to join. Yes, people like Ann Coulter might condemn this sort of tolerance of ‘multi-culturalism’, but the America that I grew up in was founded by people fleeing intolerance, and those who stand up for the rejected have always been our greatest leaders.

I don’t know what John Edwards was like in junior high school. From what I see of him today, I imagine him as that one cool kid that was nice to all of us ‘faggots’. I imagine him as showing compassion for people who was different from him and who were uncool. Whether or not this is how he was in junior high school, it is the sort of person I see in him as a Presidential candidate today.

So, who’s with me in starting Faggots for Edwards? How is with me in standing against the intolerance that goes against the most basic of American values?

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