NewsTrust: Your guide to good journalism

Over the past several months, I’ve been involved with a site called NewsTrust. The coverage of the Libby Trial provides a good example of where NewsTrust can fit into the media landscape. NewsTrust is a site where readers can submit and review stories for their journalistic qualities.

I started off at NewsTrust as an early adopter. Being the techo-geek that I am, I play with as many new sites that come along as possible. I really liked NewsTrust, and went from being just a reader, to a reviewer, a person that submits stories, a host, and finally working for them part time doing technology development. I found many good stories via NewsTrust that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I felt it appropriate to return the favor and highlight stories that I thought were particularly good.

The reports of the juror being dismissed yesterday from the Libby trial provides a perfect example. I was sitting in the courthouse as the drama played out. I heard the comments from the defense team and the prosecution. I listened to Judge Walton’s decision and his instructions to the jurors. There is a lot to the story, and it is an important piece of the drama, but all in all, it perhaps isn’t all that important.

As I read the write-ups about it in various newspapers, I found many of them dry. They didn’t get into as much details as I had. Yet the New York Times article jumped out at me as being particularly complete and well written. It gave ample details and good context without being convoluted.

I put my review of their article up on NewsTrust. I hope others read the article, read the review and add their own reviews. If there are better stories, submit them. While your at it, let us all know about other examples of good journalism that you see out there.

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