My comment about Nicco and EchoDitto...

(Here is a comment that I added over on EchoDitto's blog concerning the decision of their CEO to take a leave of absence.)

I have known Nicco since he worked with the Dean campaign and I was a volunteer. I have been a client of EchoDitto. I consider Nicco a friend and EchoDitto a firm that I respect. How Nicco and EchoDitto address his support of Sen. McCain is not a simple issue.

Individuals have a responsibility to think about whom they will support and then to show their support. Nicco has said that he supports John McCain. I applaud him for standing up for what he believes. Personally, I do not support Sen. McCain. I don’t see how people can. But that is politics and I hope there will be a vigorous debate.

Corporations have a responsibility to their stakeholders. They need to act in such away as to maintain profits, treat employees fairly and not alienate clients. Unfortunately, too many corporations do not act responsible in all these ways. Political campaigns have responsibilities to the candidates and their supporters. One responsibility is to find the best services, and using a firm that has a CEO supporting a candidate from an opposing party may not be in the best interest of the campaign.

I believe that Nicco and EchoDitto have acted responsibly in confronting the clash that has occurred. I applaud both, yet I still hope that someone can get Nicco to look beyond McCain’s work on campaign finance reform and question whether or not, in the big picture, Sen. McCain is someone that should lead our country.

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