Which Random Number are you?

<?php $f = form_radios(t("What is your favorite day of the week?"), "varname1", -1 , array("Sunday", "Tuesday", "Payday", "Other"));

$f .= form_radios(t("What is your favorite color"), "varname2", -1 , array("Red", "No Blue", "Argh", "I don't get it"));

$f .= form_radios(t("What is your favorite weblog?"), "varname3", -1 , array("Orient Lodge", "Michele", "Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred", "DailyKos","Orient Lodge"));

$f .= form_radios(t("Would you rather be rich or famous"), "varname4", -1 , array("Rich", "Famous", "Both", "Just leave me a lone."));

$f .= form_radios(t("What is your philosophy on children?"), "varname5", -1 , array("Children are a reflection of their parents. ", "I don't concern myself with them. ", "A parent should be their kids best friend.", "I have a love/hate relationship with kids. ","I'm not ready for children. "));

$f .= form_radios(t("Which animals make the best music?"), "varname6", -1 , array("The Beatles", "The Byrds", "Phish", "The Animals", "Gackt"));

$f .= form_radios(t("Which year was most significant to you in a previous life?"), "varname7", -1 , array(rand(1500,1600), rand(1600,1700), rand(1700,1800), rand(1800,1900), rand(1900,2010)));

$f .= form_radios(t("This quiz is"), "varname8", -1 , array("Stupid", "Funny", "Too Long", "Random"));

$f .= form_radios(t("How's your love life?"), "varname9", -1 , array("Hot & heavy: no complaints here.", "I really wish I had more fun than I do.", "Perfect, why do you ask?", "I'm happy but often lonely.","Somewhat unhappy & definitely lonely."));

$f .= form_radios(t("...And what is your favorite animal?"), "varname10", -1 , array("I like birds... especially when they sing. ", "I don't really like animals. ", "Kitties! ", "Foxes ","This is a pointless question."));

$f .= form_radios(t("Which clothing style appeals to you most?"), "varname11", -1 , array("I don't prefer any one style. My style is my own. I even like making some of my clothes. ", "I like to dress a little sexy. My clothes are pretty modern, but they're also unique.", "Kitties! ", "I love the cute j-pop and j-rock styles! They're so colorful and fun! ","I just wear what I like, but most people lable my style as 'gothic.' "));

$f .= form_radios(t("How will you reward me for my creativity"), "varname12", -1 , array("Send me Nigerian Spam Mail", "Rate me a 1 on Blog Explosion", "Add my to your links (If I add you in return)", "Visit advertisors on my site", "Click on the Paypal button and give me lots of money."));

$f .= form_submit(t("Next"));

$output = form($f, "get", "node/view/185");

print $output;

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