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Upcoming events, 2008 edition, as I’ve been doing since I first set this up for 2005, I’m moving last years events listing into the Old Events and listing events for 2008 here.

EGovBarCamp Boston. Feb 2nd. I’ve signed up for it. However, only a handful of people have signed up, so I’m not sure it is worth the time and money to head up for it.

American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting Washington DC, Feb 18-23.
"Passion, Power and Politics: Dynamic Interplay in Groups"
Many of my friends have been urging me to attend. I’ve contacted their media liaison and if they provide press credentials for bloggers, I will try to attend.

WeMedia Miami, FL. Feb 26-28. I didn’t make it last year. I probably won’t make it this year, but friends that went last year said it was very good.

eDemocracyCamp Washington, DC. Mar 1-2
This barcamp appears to have gotten more traction and a larger turnout. However, my daughters are home from college during this time, and I’m unlikely to attend.

The 15th Politics Online Conference Washington, DC. Mar 4-5. I went a couple of years ago. It is a good gathering. However, it is still during my daughter’s spring break. I could be compelled to attend, but it is unlikely.

SXSW Interactive. Austin, Mar 7-11. I went a few years ago and would love to go again. I don’t see it happening this year, but this is one event well worth making the effort to attend.

Take Back America 2008 Washington, DC. Mar 17-19. I went last year as a volunteer. This year, I’ve gotten blogger’s credentials. This is a great event which I look forward to blogging. I strongly encourage people to attend.

2008 Nonprofit Technology Conference New Orleans, Mar 19-21. I’ve never made it to an NTEN conference, although I’ve always wanted to. I doubt I’ll make it this year unless some good luck comes my way.

F2C: Freedom to Connect 2008 Washington, DC Mar 31-Apr 1.
I went to F2C two years ago. Last year, I attended much of it online. I will do whatever I can to participate this year.

NCSL's Spring Forum 2008 Washington, DC Apr 24-26. Last year, I went to the NCSL’s annual meeting in Boston as a credentialed blogger. This is a great event. It is very important in my mind, and I was disappointed there weren’t any other bloggers around for it. I hope to attend, but whether or not I can attend, I hope that other bloggers show up.

Personal Democracy Forum 2008 New York City, Jun 23-24.
I’ve made it to every Personal Democracy Forum so far, either as a guest, a panelist, or on a scholarship and I hope to make it to this one. Perhaps this year, Kim will be able to attend as well.

Netroots Nation Austin, TX. Jul 17-20. Last year, I attended YearlyKos via Second Life. If something works out for me to attend Netroots Nation this year in person, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll probably attend again in Second Life.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY. Jul 24-27. I’ve gone to Falcon Ridge just about every year since 1994. This year will be the 20th anniversary and I plan on being there for as much of it as possible.

2008 Democratic National Convention Denver, CO. Aug 25-28. Four years ago, I was a credentialed blogger at the 2004 Deomcratic National Convention. Denver is a long way away, in many ways. I haven’t applied for credentials, yet. I would love to go. I’m just not sure if it is in the cards this year.

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