Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit - Lots of Writing

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. A new week, a new month, a new quarter, a new fiscal year for the government.
September has come and gone with lots of reading, lots of writing, but not a lot making it up as blog posts. October looks like it will be more of the same, but with a bunch of travel added on. How will all of this shape my writing going forward?

The courses I’m taking, Intro to Old Testament and News and Religion are going well. It is interesting to see how they interrelate. What was the news of the Ancient Near East? How was it reported? How does Biblical criticism relate to news criticism today?

I am still working on establishing the new normal in my schedule, trying to balance work, life, studies, and many different extracurricular activities. There is more to be written, but there is homework to be done as well.