Pentecost and the Politician

It is Memorial Day weekend, and if I were doing the political thing properly, I would have been at the Memorial Day parade in Orange yesterday. But, it took place at the same time as church, and I had agreed to sing in the choir. Sunday was Pentecost. Many people wore red to celebrate the day and there was a baptism.

I know that voters in my district come from many different traditions and belief structures, and I want to be careful about not pushing my beliefs as part of the campaign. Yet during the baptism, all the members of the congregation recommitted themselves to their baptismal vows. As part of this, we all affirmed that we would

"strive for justice and peace amount all people, and respect the dignity of every human being".

No matter what your beliefs or religious tradition, this sounds like a laudable goal and one that I wish we would see more politicians seek.

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