Archive - Aug 30, 2017


Starting Seminary

I have now spoken with my academic adviser and registered for two classes in the Fall Term at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Classes officially start next Tuesday, but I’m trying to get a little bit of a head start by getting things set up and starting my readings early.

One class is Introduction to Old Testament, which is taught by my advisor and required for Masters of Divinity students. I’m currently in the Certificate of Theological Studies program, so it isn’t required, but I might become an M.Div or Master of Theological Studies student at some point.

I took Biblical Hebrew back in my undergraduate days as well as a few Old Testament classes, but that was years ago, and I’ve forgotten much of my Hebrew and I’m especially interested in looking at the Old Testament from perspectives other than the Old White European Male perspective that is so dominant.

The second class I’ve signed up for is News and Religion, offered by the Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum. I am taking it via Starr King which is another theological school in the Graduate Theological Union. I’m very interested in how journalism and religion have influenced one another in America.

I expect I’ll be writing a bit for both courses and hope my writing will improve. Some of my writing will be only for the classes, but some of it, I hope to share publicly, either here, or on other sites.

I also received an email about the Virtual Daily Office at CDSP. I switch around the daily offices I use and recently have been using a Celtic daily office. Currently, I plan on saying the Virtual Daily Office at CDSP as I become more active in their online community.

I also expect that I’ll be spending a lot of time reading. I’m trying to get a jump start on my readings, but I expect most of my free time will be spent reading and writing for seminary and I’ll probably be doing less other reading and writing, at least for the next few months.

Prayers for my studies and my journey are greatly appreciated.