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Peace, Games, and International Efforts

“Does comedy on television lead to comedy on the streets?” – Dick Cavert.

First speaker: Doug Thomas USC, Center on Public Diplomacy.

When you talk with people on European servers, he asked what people think of Americans. The response was, “They’re not that bad once you play with them.”

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Games for Change IRC Channel

If anyone is interested in a live Games for Change backchannel, please join me on IRC #06-G4C on (irc://
Click on games for posts here about the conference, and the for other links. Also, be sure to say hello in the comments.

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Liveblogging Games for Change – Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson starts off his talk with a clip of when he was on the Colbert Report. Note to self. Try to find a copy of the clip online.

He has a lot of good quotes from a message board for Civilization 4. “How do you deal with religion? Barbarians? Etc.”

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Live blogging, more welcoming remarks

Benjamin Stokes asks us several questions.

“What is social change?:

“Games are emergent. How do we fund things that are changing so rapidly?”

He talks about the importance of cross-pollination. How do we take our experiences here and spread them to other communities of practice?

What field will build games for the public good?

Hopefully, the conference will help with some of this.

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Liveblogging Games for Change – Opening remarks

I’m sitting off to the side as one of the few places where I can plug in and keep my batteries charged for the day. They have provided information on the Wifi, but it is interesting to observe how few laptops there really are here. The list of attendees include a lot of people from the mainstream media, but there isn’t much for discussion about bloggers. If there are any other bloggers here, please, let me know.

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