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Check the recent blog entries to the left to see pictures from various events over the weekend. Hopefully, I will write more about these events when I get a few moments.

Also, I set up pages for people to buy gift wrap paper and other stuff for Miranda's and Fiona's schools.

Miranda's school
Fiona's school

One final item. Today, I wrote a new Drupal/CivicSpace module which allows for single signon with a Democracy in Action userid. You can download the module at

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Cindy Sheehan and the BringThemHomeNow Bus

People gather on the green in New Haven to greet Cindy Sheehan.

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Fiona Swimming...

Fiona, swimming in the Connecticut River at our family reunion.

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Renee Kahn, visiting Orient Lodge

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Reform Democrats

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

What does it mean to be a ‘Reform Democrat’? This is a question that has been talked a lot about since last November and has been getting more discussion as we go through municipal primaries and head into municipal general elections this fall.

To some, it is a very tactical issue. We need a DNC chair who will do X. We need a blogosphere that will do Y. To some, it is a message of opposition, opposition to the abuses of power by the extreme right wing Republicans.

To others, it is about returning to key parts of the Democratic message, from FDR to Clinton. I always come back to the about section of Greater Democracy. There, we talk about things like ‘democratic governance’ and ‘how new communications technologies support democracy’.

Yes, I am a techie and a hardcore democrat. To me, this idea of being a democrat, and I am using a small ‘d’ very intentionally, is in contract to being an autocrat or a theocrat. It is about a belief that we are all in this together, that everyone should have a voice that can be heard, that we are at our best when we are working together to help one another out. It stands in stark opposition to “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

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