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On Second Life, I was recently asked, how to play a YouTube video in Second Life. Here is what I said. First, YouTube videos are in Flash format. Second Life only plays videos in Quicktime format. So, your best bet is to try and get a copy of the video from the producer in Quicktime format. If you can’t do that, there are ways to take a video from Youtube and convert it to Quicktime.

Back in May, Torley had a post, How to convert YouTube videos for playing in Second Life which describes using Vixy to convert Flash videos to other formats. While Torley talks about converting to Quicktime for Second Life, Vixy can also be used to convert to formats that can be loaded on iPods, PSP (PlayStation Portable) and cellphones. Since we’ve recently upgraded our cellphones to be able to play video, I’ll probably try loading some YouTube videos on my cellphone sometime soon.

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Insightful questions

Back in August, 2004, MSNBC had a poll that the only way to answer it was to buy into Republican talking points. To which, I created my own poll asking ' What are the journalistic implications of MSNBC's recent poll?’

This poll came to mind for me this evening when WTNH asked, “Should students be held accountable for what they post online?”

That is sort of like asking, “should people eat cheese?” It completely depends on the context. Many people probably should eat cheese, but people with severe lactose intolerance probably shouldn’t.

The problem, of course, is that this question was asked in the context of Avery Doninger being punished for what she posted online from home, by the school administration.

Perhaps an better analogy would be, “Should advertisers abandon WTNH when it posts polls that lead to a lack of understanding of the story they are trying to cover?”

Other people have suggested other polls like
"Should students be monitored 24-7 by the government?"
Should school administrator's be allowed to trample student's protected speech?"
"Is it okay with you if government officials usurp your parenting authority in your home at 9PM?"
“Should administrators be able to punish citizens for exercising constitutionally-protected free speech?”
And my favorite,
“Should school administrators be able to hold former students accountable for poorly worded polls that they post online, including having such students rights to speak on television removed?”

These questions, with the possible exception of the last, would get more closely to the real issues of the Avery Doninger case.

What questions do you think WTNH should have asked, or should we be asking of WTNH and their advertisers?

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Contest: Come up with the best name for each logo or for the set of logos as a group.

My proposed group name is
'Just say no to bad corporate logos'
Colin McEnroe suggest that the Republican Convention on should be called:
This Is Your Elephant on Drugs

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Poets and Writers for Avery

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written anything about the Avery Doninger case. Things have been moving slowly and surely in the background. The next big event is the Poets and Writers for Avery. It will be happening in Litchfield next Sunday.

Andy Thibault provides a schedule for the day. Bob Morris provides the background.

MyLeftNutmeg provides a place for progressives to get together and discuss the issue, and there is a Facebook Group. Please, join the communities of people supporting Avery.

Most importantly, this is a fundraiser. Please contribute and spread the word. Add the ChipIn Widget to any sites that you have.

We all need to work together to defend our freedom of speech, and I hope to see many of you at Poets and Writers for Avery.

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Random Second Life Trading Notes, 10/06/07

I haven’t written any general Second Life Trading Notes recently because there have been the Atlas Venture Capital (AVC) and Countless Galaxies (CGI) developments have taken a lot of my focus. On top of that, I’ve been focused on real life and have done less day trading in Second Life than usual.

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