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Playing with My Yahoo Web 2.0

Yesterday, I loaded my > tags into Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 Beta. Today, as I wrote my blog post about Second Life, I used My Yahoo Web 2.0 to find the links I wanted.

Earlier this year, I participated in Online Social networking 2005. I tagged a bunch of the sites from that in I knew that one of those sites talked about the use of Second Life to help people. So, I did a search on My Yahoo Web 2.0 for sites that I had tagged that talked about Second Life. Sure enough, the site I was looking for popped right up.

It was very helpful. Score an early Web 2.0 point for Yahoo.

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Second Life

Brett, a member of Colin McEnroe's class on blogging wrote this blog entry. About Second Life, he writes, "I think it contributes to people's lack of personal correspondence in the real world".

I wrote two comments to his blog entry, which I have combined below:

News Headlines

I just glanced at the top news headlines on Google:

DeLay in first court appearance
Shark Attack Victim Describes Ordeal
Woman accused of throwing her sons into SF Bay pleads not guilty

It sort of feels like one of those essay questions you get in school. How are these three stories related?

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Homeless Children International-Kenya, Updates

Over the past couple of days, I’ve received to emails from Megan White who works with Homeless Children International-Kenya.

There were four pictures which can be seen here, here, here, and here.

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Kibo Slopes Academy

Kibo Slopes Academy
Originally uploaded by Aldon.

Megan White and Students at Kibo Slopes Academy.

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