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Poetry Day

This morning, I went to a poetry group in Wallingford. I shared my poem, Less Quiet Desperation. Before, and for that matter, afterwards, I spent some time cleaning up my poems on this website. I set up a Drupal Book, Poetry Collection 1 where I started to organize some of my poems. Over the coming days, I hope to further organize my poems, as well as work on certain revisions.

As I organized the website, I did a little checking of Google Analytics as well as checking references to me in Google search. I discovered that someone has been taking readings of poems I did for Librivox many years ago, and putting them up on Youtube. The LIbrivox recordings also showed up on Goodreads

Society and Politics

This section is for poems about life, society, and politics. It is about how we interact with one another and view ourselves. Like with the nature section, some poems are about society and other parts of life, like faith or family. Such poems are generally put in those other sections.

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Nature and Images

This section is for poems about primarily about nature. Many of my other poems have a focus on nature, but often they are in the context of faith, family, or other topics and are included in other sections.

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Arts and Letters

This section of my poems are focused on arts and letters, great writers, painters, and education.

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Family and Childhood

This section of my Poetry blog is focused on poems about family and growing up.

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