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The Daily Examen – May 25, 2017 Ascension Day

I always imaged
it was partly cloudy
on Ascension Day;
a warm summer day
with lazy cumulus clouds
waiting for their moment
in the history of mankind.

Today was chilly
with lots to get done
but still a group of shut-ins
were transported to church
for a special service
and while the celebration of Pentecost
is still over a week away,
the Spirit was moving.

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The Daily Examen – May 24, 2017

The peepers in the pond
sound the same
as they usually do.
When the jet overhead
drowns them out,
I almost forget
to give thanks
for the same old peepers.

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The Daily Examen – May 23, 2017

A goldfinch crossing
the town green,
bats at twilight,
a strip of pink highlighting
the edge of the evening sky,
are all balms
for some
of the recent grief.

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The Daily Examen – May 22, 2017

It is hard to relish
the moments of the day
when it is grey
and like so many other days.

You have to look harder
like at those white things
floating in the lake
that you only realize
after they have raised their heads
a top their long necks
that they are swans

You have to stay calmer
as you handle request after request
and if you are fortunate
the sound of the rain
on the long drive home
can be soothing.

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The Daily Examen – May 21, 2017

Too often, each day’s pilgrimage
would be just like yesterday’s
or last week’s
if, in fact,
we could step into
the same stream twice.

Too rarely we take
the opportunity to do something
substantially different.

I went to church
in a different state.
I visited at tiny house
and the grave
of my great grandfather.
I went to an art show opening
with works
of my daughter’s paint
on my late mother’s yarn.

What will my pilgrimage be

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