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NOI Picture

This is a picture taken of the New Organizing Institute group during the Bloggers panel. If you are from NOI, and are reading this, add a comment, especially if you've got a blog. Originally uploaded by Aldon.

Read the Bill

It isn’t often that you get to see a website you worked on end up on a major cable news program, but that is what has just happened for me.

Shortly before five, I got a phone call from Rafael DeGennaro, Founder & President of, that CNN’s The Situation Room was doing a segment on Read the Bill.

I rushed upstairs to see the last few moments of the segment. Then, back downstairs to check traffic on the server. Traffic so far today is about ten times what it normally is, but isn’t enough to cause problems for the server.

It’s pretty exciting because, is a really cool idea and I’m glad it is getting some publicity.

Thinking about Bird Flu

(Cross posted at Toomre Capital Markets)

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Bird Flu. The six most recent posts on Lars Toomre’s blog have been about the bird flu.

With this in the back of my mind, I went to a house party for the Humane Society of the United States. One of their fact sheets mentioned that poultry now makes up more 95% of the animals killed for food in the United States, with over 9 billion birds killed each year.

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Why primaries matter

On the most basic level, the answer should be obvious. It is how people in the United States are given choices, are given the chance to express their opinions about who should represent them.

Yet, this evening over dinner, I was struck by another aspect of why primaries are so important. I am visiting with friends in Washington DC who I met through Gov. Dean’s 2004 Democratic Primary campaign. I have made friends through the primaries. I have learned through them.

I am in Washington for the New Organizing Institute training. This is a group of around forty people who have become excited about being involved in politics. I don’t know how many of them became involved because of the 2004 election but I know that there are people who were involved in the campaigns of Gov. Dean and General Clark.

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I’m tired. I was up late last night, and then Kim called this morning while I was still sleeping. Perhaps this makes me a little more sensitive than usual. So, as I worked on my notes for me session on tracking the local blogosphere for the New Organizing Institute, I stumbled across this blog and got horribly distracted.

Dawit is a young boy from Ethiopia that a couple here in Connecticut has just adopted. It is a wonderful blog. Please take a little time to read it. It is written by GaiaGal. (See earlier posts here.)