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Reflections on Ned Lamont’s appearance on Connecticut Local Politics.

This is my summarized digest of Ned Lamont’s appearance on Connecticut Local Politics. To see the full set of comments, visit

First and foremost, I am very glad that Ned Lamont showed up and participated in a good give and take. I firmly believe that these sort of discussions are crucial in strengthening democracy in our country. Whether or not in the end he decides to run, he has already done an important service in encouraging debate about the issues that matter.

Low energy

A strong wind howled outside this morning. Miranda came back from the bus stop after waiting for half an hour. The bus hadn’t shown up. I drove her over to school, only to find roads blocked by downed trees. Finally, she got to school, half an hour later. The trip home was long as well.

When I got home, I noticed that one of the large pine trees had its top half blown off. As I walked around the yard, I found that the copper beach, one of the beautiful old trees on our property had lost a very large branch. In both cases what had come down was larger than other full-grown trees. I am saddened about the damage to the copper beach.

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More Random Stuff

My Internet connection is still down at home. It came up briefly last night, long enough to get out the queued up emails that I had written and to receive those waiting for me. I’ve read through a bunch of them and have more emails queued up.

The Caffeinated Geek Girl writes about ” a friend who's 18 year old daughter has been battling Leukemia for over a year”. She has a pointer to the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry. I would also like to highlight the National Marrow Donor Program as well as their Center for Cord Blood.

Read the Bill

Today, in Branford, Rafael DeGennaro launched

Read the Bill is a new organization which advocates that all federal legislation should be posted online 72 hours before coming to the floor of Congress. I've been helping Rafael a little with the website and I'm very excited about its launch.

In my discussions with him, I've also suggested that we should be advocating for this not only on the Federal level, but also on the State level, and perhaps even on the Municipal level for large municipalities.

I hope that everyone stops by and reads a little bit about

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Random Stuff

It has been nearly a week since I’ve put anything up on the blog, and a lot has gone on. It has been pretty busy. So, let me talk a little bit about the blog posts and other stuff I didn’t get written that I wanted to, and may yet show up in some format or another.

“Driving my eldest daughter to college” As many of you know, my eldest daughter is a sophomore at Mary Baldwin College. She is fifteen and participating in their Program for the Exceptionally Gifted. I wanted to talk with her advisors and professors to see that we set things up so that she can get the most out of the experience. One of the problems is that she looks at the college catalog and says, “I want to take all the courses”. So, we may juggle things so she can stay an extra year and do something like a double major and a triple minor, or something like that and fit in more of the courses she wants.

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