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AVC Begins trading

At 15:52, SLT, on the Atlas Venture Capital (AVC) channel in Second Life, it was announced that trading had resumed on AVC. The initial bids were for hundreds of thousands of shares at a penny or two each, and the initial asking prices were around ten Linden dollars. Fairly soon, a large sell order came in at L$ .50 which set the tone for the market. Slowly, the bids climbed up to that price and the first trade was at L$ .50

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AVC Voting

A couple hours after I wrote my comments about the CGI vote, I received a notice from Monkey Canning that he had received 73% of the votes making him the new CEO of Atlas Venture Capital (AVC). His note said that votes were counted by Farqot Gustafson of SL Reports and that Farqot has no shares or interest in AVC or other companies associated with Monkey.

Second Life Opinion: The CGI Vote

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about the Countless Galaxies situation. I was offline most of yesterday, and logged in to day to find a statement from Marc Attenborough stating that “over 80% of the outstanding shares - excluding Jasper & Payday have voted in favor of the merger”. He goes on to say that he holds no shares in CGI or BNT “and was brought in as an objective 3rd party”. Details can be found in the Finance Section of the Secondlife Newspaper.

Yet looking at his group memberships in Second Life, he is listed as a member of “CGI Shareholders” as well as a member of “Brautigan & Tuck Holdings”. Another part of Marc Attenborough’s credibility supposedly came from his role as CFO at the Second Life Exchange Commission.

Yet it is interesting to note that PatrickJ Ah, who was pushing for the BNT option, is Vice President of the SLEC and Intlibber Braughtigan of BNT is also a director of the SLEC.

Meditating for Peace

Meditating for Peace, originally uploaded by Aldon.

A bunch of Second Life folks got together to mediate for peace in Myanmar at Peacemaker Island in Second Life yesterday.

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Our trip to New Hampshire

Wednesday, Kim, Fiona and I drove up to New Hampshire to help with the Edwards campaign on the day of the Democratic Presidential Debate as well as to give Fiona a chance to spend some time with her cousins. It provided a wonderful microcosm of the political landscape.

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