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R.I.P. Hershey Hynes

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Last night, our pet ferret Hershey died peacefully in her sleep. She will be missed by all of us.


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Today’s Videos

Let me take a few moments to highlight a couple videos I stumbled across today. The first was done by a high school class in Danbury Connecticut. Please visit

The second is They are both great videos. Unlike the raw footage shot by an individual, these are highly polished videos put together by teams. Yet I think they illustrate other aspects of what can be done with videos shared online.

In my email with Tim Salem, who wrote “The Promise” video, I talked a little bit about creating some sort of ‘behind the scenes’ video about how “The Promise” was put together. The idea is to encourage and empower other people, whether they are individuals doing citizen journalism, or high school classes creating powerful projects.

Are there other videos out there that we should know about?

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Ned meets folks at the New Britain Polish Festival

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The YouTube Election

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The Official Lamont Blog
and Greater Democracy.)

Today’s New York Times has this article,

The YouTube Election

But YouTube may be changing the political process in more profound ways,
for good and perhaps not for the better, according to strategists in both
parties. If campaigns resemble reality television, where any moment of a
candidate's life can be captured on film and posted on the Web, will the
last shreds of authenticity be stripped from our public officials? Will
candidates be pushed further into a scripted bubble? In short, will YouTube
democratize politics, or destroy it?

Well, for me, good campaigns don't resemble reality television. Sure, some people may try to use something like YouTube to make their campaign like reality television, and most people will recognize how vapid such a campaign really is.

No, good campaigns resemble the political discussions over Sunday dinner. We all tried to be polite, no matter how hard it was. We struggled with issues. Sometimes, we might even admit that we had said something wrong.

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Snakes on a campaign

Okay, everyone is talking about Snakes on a Plane, so I thought I should add my brief snarky comment. Back on the 14th, MSNBC reported that U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests in the British terror plots.

My friends wearing tin foil hats suggested that the timing was altered to coincide with remarks by Cheney and Lieberman about how Democratic voters in Connecticut, by rejecting Lieberman, were supporting terrorists.

This is ridiculous. We should all recognize that the timing of the arrests was made to help ticket sales for Snakes on a Plane.

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