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An Invitation to Innovate, and Collaborate

The following is a comment I added to Tracy Joan’s diary on DailyKos about the Edwards My Vote, My Voice contest.

I’ve been fairly critical of all the Presidential campaigns this time around, including the Edwards campaign, even though I’m supporting Sen. Edwards. I’ve felt that they’ve looked at the tools that contributed to some of the successes of the 2004 election cycle, but have missed what is really important, the invitation to innovate.

I believe this is a step in the right direction. The Edwards campaign is inviting people to, hopefully, come up with some innovative advertisements. However, I would like to push this even further. We are at our best when we work together.

I thought about this as I worked on my submission for the contest. I recorded my daughter asking a bunch of those hard questions that six year olds are likely to ask. No, not where do babies come from. She’s asked questions like “Why can’t some of my classmates afford to go to the doctor?”, “When will Joey’s daddy come home from Iraq?”, or “Do you think I’ll get to go see a glacier when I’m older”? I’ve recorded a bunch of these questions and spliced them together into a video. You can see the video on Blip.TV. You will note that it is tagged with a Creative Commons license, “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” This means that someone more creative than I am is free to take it, work with it, and come up with something even better, if they also share it and acknowledge they got it from me. It is part of the reason I like to use Blip.TV. Videos there can be downloaded in their original format and then edited with programs like Movie Maker of iMovies.

I haven’t added the final part of my ad. I’m hoping to get a clip of Sen. Edwards talking about the Moral Test of Our Generation:

America lives because 20 generations have honored the one moral commandment that makes us Americans.

To give our children a better future than we received.

I know that CarolinaGirl has put great videos up on vSocial, so I’ve contacted her to see if I can use extracts from one of her videos. Hopefully, she’ll get a chance to extract a piece I’m looking for and share it with me.

I think that represents the real challenge. Can we work together, to share ideas, scripts, video clips or anything else so that we can come up with an even stronger message reflecting why we believe John Edwards is the person we need in the White House? I’m up for it. I might even be able to get Fiona make a clip for people if you need it.

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Second Life Trading Predictions

Okay, all of you Second Life traders out there, who wants to make any predictions about trading in Second Life for 2008? I have two types of predictions. First, big picture predictions, how many exchanges will there be in Second Life at the end of 2008? Will any major corporations step into the fray? How many IPOs will there be? How many companies will fail? Will brokerage emerge? Trading in futures, options, commodities, indices, other types of securities? What else is likely to emerge? Add your comments below, or send me an email with your predictions.

Then, for the more serious Second Life trader, I’m putting up a list of current companies on the SlCapex, ACE, and VSTEX exchanges. These are the exchanges that have good data feeds to run analysis on. I’m posting the support level, resistance level, as well as the bid, ask and last as of creating my spreadsheet. There are two columns at the end of it. One is to predict the share price at the end of 2008 and the other is to put in the predicted average monthly dividend. It is a comma delimited file that can easily be loaded into Excel or other spreadsheets. Down the file, add your projections in the final two columns and email your predictions to me at aldon dot hynes at orient dash lodge dot com.

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Second Life Brokerage

Yesterday, L&L Bank and Trust issued this statement about what they have been up to. Of interest to many is the addition of brokerage to their services. What will this really look like? Xavier Mohr addresses the idea here. Will this be the first brokerage, or a sixth exchange, Xavier asks. Is this a good or bad thing?

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Exploring Blogger Bias

Yesterday on a mailing list I’m a member of, someone pointed to Kaye D. Sweetser’s article, Blog bias: Reports, inferences, and judgments of credentialed bloggers at the 2004 nominating conventions. Since I was one of those credentialed bloggers, I was particularly interested what the article had to say. I contacted Kaye and got the longer version of her article.

In her research, she had people code each sentence in the blogs written as part of the convention coverage into three basic types; reports, inferences and judgments. Each of these were further broken down into whether the reports were attributed or not, whether the inferences were labeled or not, and whether the judgments were favorable or unfavorable, and whether they were attributed or not. She did further analysis on the role of gender in the coverage as well as the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans.

The results were about as I would have expected. Traditional media has a higher percentage of ‘reports’, approximately twice the percentage that bloggers use. Given that many traditional journalists are called ‘reporters’ and that ‘traditional media coverage holds objective reporting sacrosanct’, this isn’t surprising. Yet even for the bloggers at the conventions, the most common form of sentence was the report.

I went to the convention with no pretense of being a reporter. I wore my bias on my sleeve and in the form of buttons and stickers on my shirt. Since that experience, I have blogged many events. I have not shied away from expressing my biases and try to be as up front as I can be about what underlies these biases.

In light of this, I wonder how I compared with the other bloggers who were credentialed in 2004. Did I use more reporting or judgments than other bloggers at the time? How has my writing changed over the years? How has the writing of other bloggers changed? What will the blogging at the 2008 conventions be like? Beyond the political realm, how does this apply to other bloggers?

The academic would say that this report, and these questions illustrate the need for further research. I agree. It also provides material for those hoping to blog the 2008 conventions should think about as they prepare to cover them.

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Smiles in Second Life

“You don’t realize that avatars don’t usually smile until someone offers you one.” That is what Joni Rich said to me as she explained the “Colgate Smile” campaign in Second Life. It presents a much different view of the campaign than was described in this Massively entry. Perhaps, that is because Joni and her company is approaching things from a different perspective reflecting changes going on in marketing as well as one of the key components of what makes Second Life more than just a more immersive website.

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