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Groundbreaking for a dorm for HCI Kenya, which is being constructed with thanks to The Cabot Foundation.

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Playing with Technology

So, today, I set up Flock on my laptop. I couldn’t set it up on my main PC, because my main PC is still running Windows NT 4.0 which Flock won’t run on. Yeah, someday, I’ll get around to an upgrade.

I created a post using flock. Works pretty much the same way that Flickr does. No biggie there. Then, I enabled it to communicate with for sharing bookmarks. That looks pretty cool. Perhaps I’ll play with that a little more.

It would be nice if it would also talk with Bloglines. I’ve been using Bloglines more than these days since Bloglines has a nice way of letting me know when entries have been updated that I don’t see in

First post to my blog using Flock.  Let's see what it looks like

First post to my blog using Flock.  Let's see what it looks like

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The Poverty Blog Project

(Originally published at Greater Democracy)

How will we fight poverty in America? Senator Edwards is going around the country in his Opportunity Rocks college tour. He is speaking to students about the need to raise people’s awareness of poverty in America so that we can address this problem.

He speaks about how Hurricane Katrina has shown the ugly face of poverty to people who have too long believed that poverty isn’t a problem. He has speaks about the need to keep this in people’s minds, to keep the attention from shifting back to other things.

He spoke about Robert Kennedy’s visit to Appalachia and how that helped get people to focus on poverty. As he spoke about this, I thought about the Freedom Riders. I have been talking about how we need a new generation of Freedom Riders with a new generation of tools.

Freedom Riders of the New WPA

(Originally posted at Greater Democracy)

I did not want to go hear a warmed over former presidential candidate keeping his options alive for 2008, but I got an invitation to blog John Edwards’ visit to Yale and I thought I really should go. Fortunately, it wasn’t leftover politics that John Edwards was serving.

I am on all the mailing lists. DNC, DFA, Emily’s List, DCCC, Kerry, Edwards, Clark, Bayh, Meetup, Moveon; the list goes on and on. So generally, I glance at these requests but pay them little mind. That was my initial reaction to the Edwards message from MoveOn.

The question popped up on one mailing list I was on asking if anyone was going. I sent an email saying that I had heard Senator Edwards speak and annual Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner and was fairly disappointed. I told people that I wasn’t planning on going.

But then a friend sent me an email about blogging the event. I enjoy blogging political events, so I made arrangements to go.

At Yale, I ran into a few old friends from the Dean campaign. I did my same rant with each of them. If Senator Edwards does the standard leftover politics, I will be disappointed, but not surprised. I sure hope, however, that he will really talk about a new generation of Freedom Riders. One person commented that she had come, hoping to get re-invigorated.