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Turkey that Kim made for Thanksgiving.

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A Public Relations campaign

(Originally published at Greater Democracy)

As much as I dislike thinking about political campaigns in terms of advertising, marketing, public relations and all that stuff, the P.R. aspect remains very important. Two recent blog entries have helped me rethink my relation to P.R. as it relates to political campaigns.

Richard Edelman asks “Is Public Relations Ready for Discontinous Change?” and Elizabeth Albrycht writes about how ‘Collaboration Requires Contribution’. Both posts bring up important issues for political campaigns that can help make the P.R. aspect of political campaigns more palatable to grassroots activists.

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My take on Murtha

I imagine many of you have followed what has gone on with Rep. Murtha's proposal for withdrawl of troups from Iraq. Today I stumbled across two websites that address this issue for people from Fairfield County.

First, check out this.

When you have read that, please check out this.


Blogging Ethics

A blog-friend of mine is doing a survey on the ethics of bloggers. Please stop by at and let him know your thoughts about blogging ethics.


Pretty hot for a 65 year old

Today, Kim observed that I'm pretty hot for a 65 year old. What did she mean? Well, it turns out that the Danbury News-Times has an article about political bloggers thriving in Connecticut.

It is a pretty good article for a newspaper article. However, it does have one important factual error. I'm actually only 46.

It also refers to Greater Democracy as a liberal blog. While many of the bloggers that contribute to Greater Democracy are liberal, the goal of the blog is to 'consider how new communications technologies support democracy, and how we can ensure that the effectiveness of those technologies is not constrained by ill-considered policy or development'. This is a goal that many people both liberal and conservative should be supporting.

If you have stopped by today as a result of the article, please take a moment to say hi in a comment below.