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Finding One’s Self on the Fediverse

In 2004, I set up my blog, Orient Lodge, as a place to gather material I was post various blogs and social media platforms around the internet.

In 2006, I set up my account on Twitter and have been activity there, to various levels, ever since.

In 2008 and 2009, I was doing a bit of experimenting with open source microblogging sites and pubsub protocols. I had set up Laconica servers and Google Wave.

I started a new job in 2010, and had less time for this.

In 2017, I found a bunch of traffic coming to my blog which seemed to be related to Laconica and Mastodon, so I set up a Mastodon account on one of the main servers. Then next year, I set up another Mastodon account on a different server.

With the latest migration of users from Twitter to Mastodon has led me to go back and explore some of my earlier writing, reactivate my old Mastondon account, keep the other one idle, add a new one that I am contemplating how to use, set up a Friendica account, set up a BookWyrm account, set up ActivityPub on a church WordPress server, ponder other fediverse sites, and how to time them all together.
With that, here are some of the place I can be found on the Fediverse

  • This is where I’m most active. I set this up back in 2017. Most of my activity will be here.
  • This was the second account I set up, back in 2018. I’m keeping this account for the time being, but doing very little there.
  • An Episcopal Mastodon server. Currently, my use there will be limited to Episcopal discussions, mostly on the local server
  • This is my BookWyrm account, sort of like GoodReads. I’ve ported over much of my GoodReads reviews and have been posting a little there, mostly together with my account to test and illustrate how they interact. I haven’t really hit critical mass there yet, but I hope to.
  • This is my Friendica account. I’m using this for posting some of my longer form posts, in addition to posting them on my blog.
  • This is my WordPress account on the Grace Church website. I’ve installed ActivityPub on the website and have been testing how WordPress behaves on the Fediverse.

Going forward, I hope to updated or migrate my blog to a platform with Fediverse integration, explore XMPP pubsub to ActivityPub integration, and explore other sites native to the Fediverse. Stay tuned.