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Last week, we were on vacation in Tennessee to watch the total eclipse of the sun. During that time, I had very limited internet connectivity and a lot of time when writing just wasn’t possible, so I set aside my Daily Examen blog posts. I had thought about writing up one giant post, a sort of vacation examen, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, I’m trying to dig out of everything that needs to be done.

Next week, classes start. I am getting my accounts set up in various learning management systems, student information systems, and so on. I am trying to get all the emails sorted out with permissions to take this course or that. I am reading syllabi and thinking out what my schedule will be for the next four months. This includes thinking about what I will be posting online, and where I will be posting it.

At work, I am digging out from being on vacation during a very busy period. In the larger scheme of things, there is the flooding in Houston. There is political discord in our country. There are tensions globally.

I try to focus, and get back into my daily schedule, feeling that on so many levels, I am standing at a threshold.

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