Archive - Jul 1, 2017

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: July

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. A playful way of starting a new month, harkening back to childhood invocations for good luck. A time to think about the month that has ended and the month ahead. June was a pretty good month. The new Region Missionary started. I got sworn in to Zoning Board of Appeals, and most importantly, I have been accepted into the online Certificate of Theological Studies program at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. To reference a video that is popular online right now, I’m about as excited as a gorilla in a kiddie pool.

So, what’s on tap for this month? We have the Fourth of July coming up, my birthday, and a Celtic Christianity retreat. There are so many things I want to read this summer. There are so many things I want to write about.

I still haven’t written about my Daily Examen the way I want. I want to write about my hopes and expectations for divinity school. I want to write about the broader context of my journey. I expect I’ll want to write about the Celtic Christianity retreat.