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The Daily Examen - June 4, 2017


Chimes and anthems
and hugs for a friend
with a very sick daughter.

A horseshow
with a frightening accident
without serious injuries.

A picnic with friends
talking about the future of church
and connecting with God and one another.

And then…

“Love is Love is Love…”
and OneLoveManchester
is greater than terrorism
is greater than protests
and counter protests
in Portland.

And perhaps
this is Gospel
in unexpected places
helping give shape
to Godspace

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The Daily Examen - June 3, 2017


The car made it cautiously down
the gravel road
as she thought about
her son
who died in infancy.


On the highway,
getting away for the weekend,
they didn’t talk much;
especially not
about the failed adoption.


“Pray for my daughter”,
she asked.
“The tropical disease
and chronic illness
is now critical
and they are treating her
with extreme unction.”


Two friends posted videos
of childhood hunger
and trauma.


The sun has come out
and I sit on the deck
as if I’m at
the guest house
or a vacation rental.

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