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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Well, April, the cruelest month has come and gone. The lilacs are in bloom now. The taxes are done, and most importantly, we have moved. All of the activities of buying a house and moving has taken much of my energy, and April has been the month that I've written the fewest blog posts in many years. There are many stories to be told about buying the new house and moving, and hopefully, this will provide good blog fodder for the coming months.

Work has been no less busy. Today, CHC celebrates its Fortieth anniversary. Then, on Saturday, there is a ribbon cutting for our new building in Middletown. It will be a very busy week with many activities.

There are several other big things coming for May. Podcamp CT will be May 12th. This is a social media unconference which will take place in New Haven. If you have any interesting in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or how to make the best use of many forms of social media, this is a great event to attend, and I hope to write more about this soon as well.

Unfortunately, Podcamp is the same day as the Democratic State Convention. I've covered political conventions as a blogger since 2004, and this should be a good convention that I don't want to miss. Then, on May 14th are the Congressional conventions. I will try to make it to the Third Congressional District Convention which will be in West Haven. There won't be much drama there. Instead, it is expected to be a celebration of the many years that Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has served the district. I'll probably slip out early so that I can make it to the Fifth Congressional District Convention in Waterbury. This should much more exciting as there is a competition as to who the Democratic candidate to compete for Congressman Chris Murphy's seat will be.

All of this takes place as Internet Week gets off to a start in New York City. I'll miss the end of Internet Week, because of my scheduled colonoscopy. As a blogger who writes more and more about health, I'm hoping I can find a good way to write about this in a way that will encourage others who should get colonoscopies to get theirs.

Internet Week is bookended by the Amity High School production of Legally Blond, and at the end of Internet Week, there will be the next concert in the Lakeview Lodge music series in Bethany.

As the month comes to an end, the Country Club of Woodbridge pool will open under new management and Fiona is very interested to get back in the pool. It will be good for me as well. I certainly got a lot of exercise last week during the move, but swimming laps in the pool will do me well.

April has come and gone. Lilacs have bred desire out of the dead land, and now we are on to May flowers, celebrations and more politics.

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